1.3.3 Update

Hi everyone,

Here are the changes for update 1.3.3:

  • Fix for black photo rendering on iOS 11
  • Fix for STL export
  • Added support for binary STL export
  • Changed the way the flatten tool works, with it now being relative to the surface orientation and not the camera direction
  • Improvements to the way we handle video recording (unfortunately there seems to be an overall iOS video recording issue that might cause the first recording to save)
  • Initial support for iPhone X
  • Small localisation fixes

Unfortunately our next big feature update (1.4) is taking longer than we expected, but we wanted to get these fixes out to you now. But rest assured we're still working hard to get the big update finished as soon as possible.

1.3.2 Update

Hi everyone,

1.3.2 is a small bug fix update:

  • Fixed bug that was causing the alternative versions of the carve and add tools to not work as expected
  • Fixed issue that prevented camera pan when using 2 fingers in "Advanced Camera Mode"
  • Added 3 finger camera pan when not in "Advanced Camera Mode" :)
  • Fixed issue with corrupted graphics on iPhone 5S and iPad Air/Mini 2
  • Fixed issue with crashing when deleting items from the gallery

We're working hard on 1.4 and we'll be posting some feature previews very soon!

1.3.1 Update

Putty 3D 1.3.1 is now available on the App Store, and includes:

  • Completely remade touch and Apple Pencil input, up to 3 times more responsive than the previous version 
  • Simpler and more intuitive light controls
  • Improved mesh export
  • Simple lighting mode now uses a light from the camera position, making it easier to see the shape of your sculpture
  • New mirror mode without a visible mirror plane
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements 

Putty 3D 1.4 is coming soon, with new sculpting tools and other surprises!

We look forward to hearing what you think of the new features and changes, so please let us know at contact@putty3d.com or through the contact page in the site.